A Guide to Top 6 Coworking Places in Karachi


A Guide to Top 6 Co-working Places in Karachi


In the middle of last year, the worth of the coworking sector was around £15.75 billion. It has only risen with time. Startup owners who find it hard to pick an office for their small staff are love coworking spaces. They rent a shared office area charged daily or monthly. This saves them money because they only pay for what they use instead of having empty seats.

1. Cosmo Resources

This is one of the best coworking deals you can get in Karachi right now. How many people offer 40 seats for just Rs. 500 per day? Their monthly charges (Rs. 7000) can also fit easily into your budget in case you require a space for a longer time. What’s the best part? It’s located in Zamzama DHA!


2. Work Place

This coworking space in Shahrah-e-Faisal is situated on the 15th floor far up from the noisy traffic. It guarantees peace while giving you the benefit of being in a thriving commercial area. They only take monthly payments at the moment and it will cost you about Rs. 100 more per day as compared to Cosmo Resources. However, they offer printing services, generator, coffee/ tea and an office boy while the former doesn’t.


3. Dot Zero

If you didn’t find the previous locations suitable, how about an office on Tariq Road? They give you the perk of a shared kitchen besides basic amenities. You will also be connected to community events allowing networking. This might not work for those on a small budget because Rs. 1000 per day is significantly more than what many others ask for.


4. Share Desk

This coworking spot stands out for its great ambiance. You may request a tour to check out more details. This is one of the priciest places you will find in Karachi being situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal at Rs. 8000 per month for just 25 seats. There’s nothing special that would warrant such a high rate otherwise. However, it’s a good choice for those who work in small teams.


5. Co-Net

Shaheed-e-Millat Road is a pretty desirable place for an office so the rates of Co-Net don’t come as a big surprise. This is the kind of place you’d pick if you believe in happy employees equals quality results. The environment of this furnished coworking space is close to ideal. There’s a meeting room to invite clients or hold meetings as well. The price is almost double of what many of the others offer and the number of seats in also just 30. It’s a good investment for those who can afford it nevertheless.


6. Sand Box

Here’s another option for you if you’ve your heart set on Shahrah-e-Faisal area for some reason. You can compare it to the second choice and see which deal is better among the two. Sand Box wins if you focus on saving money. You may rent this coworking space for just Rs. 499 per day. They have made it wheelchair accessible which is perfect for your disabled employees. On the downside, they don’t have a generator which the former does.