Top 10 Coworking Places in Lahore


Top 10 Co-working Places in Lahore


An estimated 75% of venture-backed startups fail and around 50% shut down within the first year. Pakistani startups have it tougher than others. Resourceful workspaces are hard to come by at affordable rates. Cowork is a brilliant initiative to connect the local business communities of various cities in Pakistan on an intimate level. Shared workspace is a concept designed for mutual benefit. Basically, owners create profiles of available workspaces and other users search for suitable places for their projects through Cowork. Lahore is a thriving city where every business sector gets representation via Cowork. Check out the great deals on the best coworking places in Lahore.

1. Workstance

This place offers 40 seats and the arrangement of sections is ideal for little department teams to hold meetings. Located at the Main Boulevard in Johar Town, Workstance provides access to all basic facilities within easy reach. The charges listed for a day (Rs. 500), week (Rs. 3000) and month (Rs. 8500) appears reasonable.


2. Workers’ Hive

You may conveniently setup a base for your entrepreneurial projects linked with any industry at Workers’ Hive. The price list starts from only Rs. 500/day. Gather data about potential foreign clients and investors effectively via fast internet. There are 40 chairs available to fit your staff there. Phase 3 DHA Lahore Cantt is a dream location for many newbies.

workers hive

3. G47

If you’re looking for another place in DHA, try with G47 which is situated in Phase 1. The environment is promising for the cost of Rs. 1000/day. You will have 30 seats strategically arranged around desks to maximize communication. Your team will surely cook up amazing plans to increase your brand’s profits. G47 grants a backup generator and pre-installed Wi-Fi to all their clients.


4. PopCorn Studio

The best thing about PopCorn Studio is that you don’t need to go running around setting up the basics. All the necessities are available at just Rs. 999/ day. There is a parking area reserved for clients so you don’t have to worry about illegal parking. The cherry on top is a printing service which is absolutely essential. Let’s not forget that Wahdat Road is an excellent location for any business.


5. GREAT Pakistan

GREAT (Global Resource for Entrepreneurial Acceleration in Technology) Pakistan only offer a monthly deal at the moment but Rs. 6000/ month sounds fine for the high quality office you get with 40 seats. As their name implies, GREAT Pakistan is a global brand seeking to improve the state of entrepreneurship in the country. They provide a high speed Wi-Fi service for your online needs. There is a separate meeting room complete with a LCD for discussions. It is present in a central area: Hafeez Shopping Mall in Gulberg III.


6. Venture Drive

There is no lack of interesting workspaces in Johar Town it seems. Venture Drive is a terrific option for those who want maximum advantages within a budget. They are providing a long list of services at the price of Rs. 7500/ month. You are even provided an office boy to run errands and increase productivity. Parking area, printing service, backup generator, Wi-Fi and meeting room is available. It doesn’t get any better than this.


7. Kickstart 2.0

If you’ve just stepped into the startup community of Lahore, you’re probably struggling with budget constraints. Kickstart 2.0 is the answer to your worries. They provide a fully functional office space that can accommodate up to 40 seats at only Rs. 5000/ month in Airline Housing Society. You receive all the perks like printing services, Wi-Fi, backup generator, meeting room and mail service. There’s even an office boy who will take care of minor tasks while you manage your business.


8. Forrun Office

If you’ve reserved a big chunk of your budget for location consider Forrun Office situated in Liberty. Watch your brand flourish amidst the hustle and bustle of this popular area. Make a well deserved snack for yourself in the shared kitchen and enjoy a strong Wi-Fi connection 24/7. They provide 20 seats for Rs. 1500/ day.


9. LaunchBox

This lovely serene environment is able to accommodate 35 employees at a time. LaunchBox come with a pleasantly surprising price tag of just Rs. 500/ day located in Phase 4 DHA. A backup generator ensures your work is never disrupted. The printing service facilitates your projects and the Wi-Fi remains switched on round the clock.


10. Daftarkhawan

This unique workspace is aesthetically pleasing and relaxing which is guaranteed to increase your productivity. It can be yours for just Rs. 1000/ day in Phase 3 DHA. The posh meeting room is a plus and makes a great first impression. Fast Wi-Fi is a lifesaver! There are over 20 tempting coworking hotspots in Lahore you may explore and book right away before someone else snatches it.