Why New Freelancers Should Opt For A Co-Working Space


For a freelancer, working at home may seem like a dream come true but it is also a place where one can easily get distracted from time to time or get demotivated over time. Thus, they may not be able to give their best to the clients which, will result in disgruntled clients. Co-working is an ideal option for a number of reasons for new freelancers and here is why:


Working from home has many distractions such as household chores, noise, an unplanned social gathering with friends, or watching TV which can delay your work. Shared space let you develop your routine so that you can balance your work and personal life.


Working late hours or being isolated from your friends and family can discourage you from being a freelancer and you may feel like leaving it, in spite of this being the only thing that you love to do. Being with other likewise freelancers or entrepreneurs who are in their struggling phase like you will help you to stay focused and motivated so that you can work hard and deliver your best.


Co-work let you meet and interact with other like-minded goal-oriented people. It develops a feeling of being in a community where people face similar problems and help each other. These interactions also give an opportunity to learn from others. these interactions promote networking which is very important in freelancing. It is hard to build a network if you’re isolated from the rest of the world and working from your couch at home. Shared space is a way to meet other people from diverse background and field, and build your network. They can also help develop your career as you may end up collaborating with them, or working for them or their client.


Shared spaces provide resources like printing facility, AC, conference room, and tea/coffee, etc, so that sole proprietors can focus only on their work and their goal to succeed, and not worry about accessories required for them to do their work. Thus, co-working helps you to remain true to your job.


Setting up an office indicates your attitude towards your work and sometimes without proper office it is hard to attend a Skype call or meet with your client. Thus, co-working is an ideal place to stand out as professional and impress your client.


A sole proprietor may need to outsource or hire employees to meet the requirement of their project. Hiring people is a time-consuming job. Shared space gives an opportunity to meet people with various expertise and hire them immediately without any delay.

Co-working encourages freelancers to get up and go to work in the morning which gives them a sense of responsibility for doing their job. It also helps them to move forward in their career.